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For seven years Alexander ran in the stadiums of America as one of the NFL’s fastest men, but on the inside he was running from a former life of verbal and physical abuse.

Alexander was born in Albany, Georgia.  His father abused alcohol, drugs, his wife and his children.  Alexander’s childhood innocence was shattered.  In the tenth grade he began to run track to get away from his life at home.  He was noticed by the football coaches because of his speed.  Alexander played well enough his senior year to be offered a scholarship to Auburn University.  During an outstanding game his senior year playing against Alabama, the NFL noticed Alexander.  In 1990 he was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2nd round.  He also married his college sweetheart Veerle Geudens in 1990.

By 1991 his life was once again in turmoil.  Because of his rebellion to authority and his anger, the Dallas Cowboys were planning to trade him, and his wife was planning on leaving.  He was on the verge of losing everything.  At the same time his mother attended a church in Albany that had a guest speaker from Dallas, Texas.  Alexander’s mother was born again at the meeting, and she asked the minister to call her son when he got home.  The Pastor, Kenneth Mack, called Alexander and asked to meet with him.  Pastor Mack shared Jesus with Alexander, and he was born again.  Alexander became a new man and began to study the Bible and attend Bible studies.  It was such a transformation that several months later Veerle was saved.

On the inside Alexander was still running from his past, and that past began to once again catch up with him.  He was still angry and still abusive to Veerle.  In 1999 she confronted him and asked him, “Do you want your children to grow up like you?  Do you want your daughter to date a man like you?”  Alexander had to look in the mirror and see the man he was.  He had to make a decision to stop running and submit to the Lordship of Jesus in every area of his life.  He sought out Godly men and received deliverance from his past, submitted to the Lordship of Jesus and stopped running.

Today, Alexander is the man that God intended him to be – a gentle man of faith who is not ashamed to cry.   Alexander and Veerle Wright now have a home filled with the peace of God.  They have four beautiful children named Zeek, Quinlan, Adonica, and Adin.  Alexander is now the Athletic Director and Head Football Coach at a Christian school.  He ministers in his local church, and is also a featured speaker on national television, at churches, and at civic groups telling his story of how he now runs to God, not from God.  To quote his pastor, “You don’t have a past, only a future.”